Imagine the future of Microsoft and Yahoo!

I just thought about it.

1. Microsoft offers Yahoo! (Start) – Acquisition goes into operation. Jerry Yang feels complexity.

2. Some companies enter – All of them want Yahoo!. AOL thinks they wanna acquired.

3. No one can’t compete against Microsoft – No enought money except Microsoft. And others decide to go off.

4. Microsoft gets Yahoo! – Steve Ballmer shouts at the public interview.

5. Saddle with tons of problems – Culture of these two companies are different. Ex-Microsoft bloggers said like links below.

Life is beautiful: Microsoft/Yahoo:買収はたぶん成功するだろうけど、問題はそれからだ


古川 享 ブログ: マイクロソフトがヤフーを買収するかもしれない、という話


6. Microsoft focuses on hardwares dept and OS dept – Yahoo! will be a separated dept though Microsoft send in executives. Microsoft’s core business divisions keep fine.

7. Lot’s of startups get out from Yahoo! – And some of it will become successful.

8. Yahoo! falls off – Then Jerry Yang may act like Steve Jobs, or Yahoo! Japan’s Masayoshi Son may do something.

9. Microsoft sells Yahoo! then acquires Sony – To focuses on hardware dept and OS dept more. Vaio & Walkman + Windows VS Apple, PS + X Box VS Nintendo.

Good luck Microsoft and Yahoo! 😛

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