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Hiro Shinohara

Immersed in the world of communication technologies and computers from a young age, my journey was profoundly influenced by the dynamic tech movement in Silicon Valley. It was during a pivotal trip to the U.S. West Coast in my middle school years that I fully grasped the immense power of technology to revolutionize society. This experience ignited a deep-seated passion for software development, leading me down the entrepreneurial path.

Embarking on this journey, I established my first venture based on an internet service I developed while still a student. Since then, my entrepreneurial spirit has taken me across Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States, where I have concentrated on pioneering startups in the realms of mobile applications, cloud hosting, IoT semiconductors, and blockchain technology.

Driven by a vision of a globally interconnected world, I am passionately working towards a future where each individual possesses their own AI. In this future, humans, objects, and AI coexist in harmony, contributing equally to a balanced and equitable society.


Co-Founder & CEO, Quantum Mesh Inc.
Leading a venture focused on developing distributed internet infrastructure for the AI era.

Co-Founder, 8M Labs
A think tank dedicated to safeguarding information and fostering sustainable development in an advanced society.

Founder & CEO, Harmony Inc.
A startup studio nurturing cutting-edge technology development enterprises.

Investor & Advisor, Nanome Inc.
Developing metaverse-ready products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Advisor, GMO Internet Group Inc.
Focused on mining data center operations and mining machine development.

Co-Founder & CEO, Hulor Inc.
A startup studio developing blockchain technology enterprises. Transitioned through Hotaru Inc., now integrated into Harmony Inc.

Japan Representative, Genesis Mining Ltd.
ETH mining data center.

Advisor, FIXER Inc.
Advised a leading cloud hosting provider based in Japan.

Co-Founder & CSO, SIVIRA Inc.
A research and development company specializing in blockchain and Decentralized Identity (DID) technology.

Author, ‘What is Bitcoin?’
Contributor of articles on the bitFlyer website.

Founder, BitBiteCoin
Launched a website offering technical explanations and news about Bitcoin.

Founder, messa TV
Created a podcast analyzing technology trends.


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Asian Development Bank

  • Consultation Workshop on Digital Technologies for Advancing Food Security, Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability
    • 14 March 2019, How Blockchain-enabled food traceability is changing the agricultural supply chain in Japan

Asia Blockchain Summit



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