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Writing and publishing blog posts are always fun for me but I have some hurdles to overcome. To convert plain text into HTML is one of the hurdles.
WordPress can handle it with a built-in WYSIWYG editor or helper buttons but I need some extra actions to re-format my text. I just wanna focus on writing.
To use Markdown is an option if you’re familiar with it. I’m a big fan of Markdown and I always choose it if I have that option on web apps. So I decided to find a way to handle Markdown even on WordPress.

How to use Markdown on WordPress

Nothing special. I found a really smart plugin called “Markdown on Save”. All you need to do is just install the plugin.

With the plugin, you get a new check box at the top-right corner of the new post page.

You can paste your Markdown formatted text and click the check box. That’s all. Now you can see your post in HTML but you can still edit your post in Markdown format.

How to preview while writing with Markdown format

If you’d like to preview your blog post while you’re writing with Markdown format, Mac OS X app Marked is a great tool to get what you want. The app lets you preview your Markdown formatted text. It means you can see how it looks like on browsers.

Not only that, you can export converted version into HTML or PDF.

Try this to write faster!

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A similar tool is the Markdown Quicktags plugin, coincidentally developed by Brett Terpstra, the man behind Marked. 
Personally though, I really like using TextMate and the blogging bundle so that I can use customized snippets for frequently used text strings on my blog. I haven’t tried Marked yet, but it’s on my most-wanted Markdown app list (along with Byword).

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