How can I handle multiple social platforms? Here is my workflow

Socialmedia Workflow
We have too many places to update our status or pictures recently. The latest web innovations made us easy to connect to the world but at a time, it gave us too many options.
We’re in a complicated situation again. But I believe we stepped forward, and got a lot more opportunities with the huge innovations.
So I tried to make 3 steps to make things clear. My goal is to find out how I can use multiple social platforms efficiently without extra effort. I hope this post helps you to find your own way to connect to the new social world.

1. Public or not

The first question is this:

Can I publish it in public?

Most of my posts are for the entire web because I have no reason to put it behind. That’s great if I can speak only things that people like to hear but I’d like to share even boring stuff like what I’m exactly doing or feeling.
You don’t have to care about it if you’re a celebrity but unfortunately I’m not. People don’t wanna disturbed by crappy information.
(Thank you for the latest social networks. People can block or unfollow me if I make annoying information.)
If I wanna share my thoughts only with my friends, I choose Facebook with a privacy control option ‘Friends’ which is my default. Reason why I can do this is I only send a friend request to a person who I know.

2. Blog post or status update

If I can make it public, I care about content format. My question is here:

Is it take more than a minute to publish it?

Move on to the next step if I say No. In case if I need to answer Yes, I start to write a blog post. Then when I make it public, the article will be published automatically via ifttt.
I’ve got these problems with the workflow but put it on the back burner.

  • There’s no easy way to publish WordPress posts to Google Plus
  • ifttt doesn’t support multiple WordPress blogs

3. Publish it now!

Now I can just publish it. I choose Google Plus as an input platform. This is just because Google plus doesn’t open API for third-party developers. I’m addicted to Twitter, in fact.
All my posts on Google plus are automatically delivered to Twitter via ifttt. I had to do a few extra tricks to implement the workflow though. You can see more detail inside the article below.

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