The Secret Design Challenge OSAKA Edition

Top Secret
We’re planning to have a secret event.

On October 15th some of the brightest minds in Osaka will gather for an event like none other.
They will be from all walks of life, drawn to the challenge before them.
The Creatives: Artists, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Designers…
The Academics: Teachers, Professors, Developers, Computer Scientists…
The Professionals: Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers…
For this one event they will unite and form teams to complete…
Event Activity: You will be thrown head first into a team of UNLIKE minded people. Creatives, Professional and Academics will find themselves having to work together to solve a problem that will only be revealed a few minutes after the start of the event.
Cost: 2000 yen but if you fill out the short survey below and confirm your attendance you’ll get 500 yen off! (All profits will be donated to relief efforts in Tohoku Earthquake hit area of Japan)

* Everyone is welcome to the event you don’t have to be a designer, developer or Entrepreneur. Bring your friends!
** For those who are asking no it’s not at 5am facebook has a bug in it that takes the US time. It’s at 13:00 Osaka time.

If you have a Facebook account, visit here to get updates!

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