2008 5th week / 52 weeks

It’s too late to post my last feedback, but I’ll. Jan 28st (Mon) to Feb 3rd (Sun).

Actual worked hours

Date Hours
28 Mon 14.25
29 Tue 19
30 Wed 6
31 Thu 14
1 Fri 15.5
2 Sat 9
3 Sun 5.25


1. Less review time – Too much tasks made me forget to review by myself for each tasks. It’s really important to correct my course.

2. Lack awareness of priorities – Just the same as last week. Work as a team for rush tasks and I need to have a long term view.


1. Creative tasks first – I do just I posted at this entry, Wake up without caffeine. In concrete terms, write some code first.

Good points

1. Found my problems – Last week I had enough time to review by myself. I’ll sum up it.


Do more reivew and get good rhythm – Do not run without look over.

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