Want to add tasks on Eclipse Mylyn at offline situation

Since the beginning of 2008, I started to use svk. It’s great even when I’m writing some code at offline starbucks.

But there is one thing I want to change to be better.

I want to open tickets of Trac on Eclipse whenever I’m offline.

It’s ok while I’m using Emacs, but I hope Eclipse + Mylyn can do it. It helps me more productive.

Some of articles said it’s of course able to do it. Really? I still can’t. Yes I can edit opened tickets and save it on my local machine but can’t open new one.

OK. Return to the starting line, I’ll watch a webinar of Mylyn and then read an official document. Maybe I’ll do it next week because it’s too busy weekend now.

If I found something, I’ll post it.

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