When I quit Twitter

Not yet, but almost. People are leaving Twitter’s timeline. It means I’m losing various reasons to stay on its timeline.

This is not just Twitter’s death. It is the death of SNS.

I came up with fancy iOS features, screen time, and focus mode. I haven’t tried it seriously since it was released, however. I struggled to make my own filters to reduce my screen time for a couple of hours. Thus, I could finally forget about social networks, including Twitter.

I don’t need Twitter as my input source these days, but I still want to keep posting my thoughts to distribute my ideas as records. But Twitter is not enough for that purpose. I need more options.
So I am playing with Mastodon and Nostr as other options.

Multi-posting is not the top priority for me. Cos each social network has its own culture and context. My current passion is to join multiple communities instead of relying on just one giant platform.

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