Updated my WordPress theme, inspired by the Space theme

Minimalist WordPress Theme — Space
The Space theme is stunning. I can’t stop thinking about better themes for blog sites since I met with the theme. I’m considering to drop sidebars from all sites, and realized how typography is important to improve user experiences.
It’s difficult to make perfect themes like the Space but I updated my own theme a bit. Here are what I did this morning.

  • Changed fonts
  • Expanded margin around text (2x more)
  • Changed indent styles
  • Removed most of content from a sidebar
  • Changed from full-article style to read-more style on a top page
  • Replaced sharing buttons with simple buttons
  • Changed location of sharing buttons

This is not enough but just did these things for better looking and better user experiences. Will keep update about this topic.
And if you’re interested in the concept, I definitely recommend the Space theme.

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