Sole Aim Is Strong

I was surprised when I heard a news that Facebook decided to shutdown its check-in feature. But at a same time, I thought it was a good news for me. Why?

  1. Facebook’s check-in notifications through iPhone app is always annoying
  2. I don’t use the feature and most of my friends neither

For me, Facebook is a place to communicate, exchange ideas, sharing emotional moment with my friends. I don’t want to keep putting information which never make conversations more interesting.
According to the article below, only 6% of Facebook users are using the feature. It means locations itself aren’t content.

On the other hand, I regularly use Foursquare because it’s a place to share where I am and locations are content inside Foursquare. So I do share my location to Facebook via Foursquare if I really want to.
This story tells me simple facts.

  1. Sole aim is strong
  2. Facebook also has sole aim

Not a big deal. Keep it simple.

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