Presentation Zen

Sometime I asked like this.

“How did you learn your presentation style?”

My answer is this.

“Mr. Garr Reynolds and his blog.”

Presentation Zen
This is the blog.

First time I saw his presentation, I got inspired. Then I started to upgrade my presentation style.

Recently, he published the “Presentation Zen” book. I got it and now I’m reading it. If you’re interested in learning presentations, this one is the best.

Yesterday I went to the monthly event at Apple Store Shinsaibashi called “Design Matters” hosted by Mr. Garr Reynolds. This time, the presenter was him.

In the final part of his presentation, we had time to ask him something. And someone who have a good question can get a book. So I raised my hand and shouted to get a chance.

When I called, I said like this.

“I already have a book but I want it as a present for someone watching my video podcast. I wanna introduce about this book at my show to spread this book!”

Then he said this.

“OK, so what’s your question? :D”

Oops I forgot the important thing. So I asked about practice for presentations.

After my question, I got a new book. Great! Thanks Mr. Garr! Plus, I got his autograph for my own book and a new one! Wow!

Thank you Mr. Garr Reynolds for your great presentation and the best book for me. I’ll spread this book for Japanese people on my video podcast “” soon!

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