"Social Evaluation" will become everything

I live in an Airbnb.
If you ask me why, it’s because I’m certain that an era of a new sense of value will begin. It’s the era where “Social Evaluation” will become everything.

It’s not about how much money you have, but it will become an era where we’re fairly evaluated by questions like “How much value does that person have,” “How much benefit will it benefit society to put that person to good use,” and can fairly evaluate others. I think that the technology to realize this is cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
I don’t want to put my data on old-style companies which will never use it in right way. Rather than relying on old companies, I put my data on aggressive startups as much as possible.
This will be a particularly important indicator in the autonomous society that IoT and AI are creating.
When an autonomous car stops in front of you, would you prioritize letting someone with $1 million or someone who has saved 100 million human lives rides it? It’s also a fact that we have to overcome many challenges when we approach this era of new evaluations. It could be battling against the existing evaluation mechanisms, the existing societal mechanisms, or the existing economical mechanisms. It will not be an easy feat to overcome these challenges. However, I believe that we can be overcome by tackling them.
Cryptocurrency, and the Blockchain that makes it possible. I think that we can discover heartwarming feelings and a sense of value that should truly be emphasized that until now has not been evaluated in society. I think that it is possible to advance the world by actualizing hidden love.

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