Beyond the startup

I went to CERN

I visited CERN. I’m going to make an announcement later, but I made an official appointment before visiting.
I remember it even now. It was a special TV program about the Internet revolution that I had once seen while I was a child. It was an episode about Tim Berners-Lee giving birth to the WWW at CERN, and Andreessen developing Mosaic. The Internet nowadays has all started from the WWW.
And I went to the birthplace of the WWW.

Why did I go there?

I will begin with the conclusion. SIVIRA will continue to research and develop next-generation social infrastructure. It is an important step that aims at establishing a self-distributing data economy, which is SIVIRA’s vision. We will create a social infrastructure that integrates the Blockchain, next-generation computers, networks, sensors, big data, and their technologies.
Up to now, I have been introducing SIVIRA as a Blockchain startup, but it has already gone far beyond that.

What I talked to the researchers at the birthplace of the WWW

In discussions that spanned the entire day, I set it up as a place to talk about my vision, especially for the first two hours. It began with intense questioning.

Tim Berners-Lee had a vision when he made WWW.
Hiro, what’s your vision?

I was extremely tense. Even though I just needed to repeat the pitches that I’d talked about in various places so many times in the past. I’ve been talking about the same vision for over ten years, in countless locations.
My mouth opened slowly as if sensing the difference in the gravity of the situation. I experienced moments of self-doubt in the process of opening my mouth.
“What I am about to say is not a lie. It can’t remain just a personal dream. There is no point in talking about wild dreams with the people who are at the top of their fields, whose aim is to advance humanity through science and to create a fair society. But I do not need to worry. I’ve done this before. I can express myself with confidence.”

Yes, I have a vision. That’s why I’m here.

Creating next-generation societal infrastructure

As I have always said, to put it clearly, the price of the Bitcoin is of no consequence. In 2013, I jumped into the world of Bitcoin because I sensed the potential for M2M micropayments that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology would make possible.
People, things, and AI. All will be connected equally and capable of communicating in an autonomous society.
SIVIRA currently excels at cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies, extremely important key technologies, and a combination with ICO will represent an unprecedented gathering of funds and well-intentioned supporters from all over the world.
However, I have no intention of just doing “Blockchain.” The story does not end with “Blockchain.” I have no intention of starting a Blockchain development startup.
To be certain, it isn’t as easy to understand as “Fin-Tech.” For that reason, it cannot be evaluated simply by examining immediate earnings.
However, I am convinced that there is social significance. As the world’s leading research facility, CERN offers broad research results, top-notch researchers, and an overwhelming volume of information and experience. If there is any overlap with SIVIRA’s technology, then I believe that the Blockchain will open new roads.
I can now imagine a technological foundation and social infrastructure that is truly fair and will have the potential to benefit all.

Beyond the startup

SIVIRA is more than a startup. It’s a collection of engineers who are truly devoted to the creation of next-generation infrastructure and a next-generation economic zone.

Let’s create the fair society that was once the dream of the Internet.

I said.
Then this was said by a leader who questioned me sharply after I had finished giving a speech.

It is very challenging what Hiro is talking about. Several obstacles must be overcome, and a concrete plan must be formulated. Right now it is unknown how many other researchers agree.
At the same time, it must be carried out carefully, so as not to destroy the existing social structure.
I’ll reiterate that it will be challenging, but that is why it’s worth the challenge.”

What is the best in the world?

There is something that I’ve thought about ever since the birth of DAO-type organizations and the rise of Bitcoin.
In the future, a company that is bigger than Apple will not be born. No matter what I do, I believe that I cannot create something as huge as Apple.
Also, even if connected through DAO, it is not possible to create a bigger country than the United States.
This is because they are all evaluated by a value model that is now a thing of the past.
An organization that gives top priority to profit. A method of fitting as many people as possible into the same set of values. In the framework of corporations and nations, there are criteria that can not be measured.

Creation of an “organization” that will make people happier than any other organization

It is a norm for action for people connected by the same philosophy and dream. Once it is set, I think that it will be possible to predict the world.
It exceeds the boundaries of any specific company. Consisting of an aggregate of multiple organizations and individuals, it moves autonomously with a new set of values.
The way in which Bitcoin emerged and grew rapidly into an unstoppable force is a good example.
To achieve this goal, I am engaged in various projects in addition to SIVIRA. I am always aware of the big picture. The picture is not just a dot. It is when the dots are gathered, connected, and seen from the top that the masterpiece is recognized for the first time.
I’m devoting myself entirely to the creation of that picture.
In the meantime, SIVIRA has drawn a small but meaningful dot. I’ll visit Geneva for a while to accelerate the process.

We already have an important piece

Personal computers in 1975, the Internet in 1993, and – I believe – Bitcoin in 2014.
— Marc Andreessen

Apple was created by people from an age in which they did not have personal computers.
Amazon and Google were created by people who did not have the Internet.
We now have the incomparably powerful tools of the personal computer and the Internet at our disposal.
What’s more, Bitcoin was invented.
We can now enact change on an unprecedented scale. No one can tell me that it can’t be done.
Of course, individuals can not do things on such a large scale. On the other hand, it will probably not be accomplished by a company with the largest market capitalization in the world. I don’t think that it will be accomplished by a nation.
However, we can create organizations of people, things, and AI that create happiness. I believe that we can realize major reforms on an unprecedented scale.
CERN and SIVIRA are the first steps. To take on this grand challenge we need support from organizations and individuals, that is, from you.
It is a difficult challenge, but that is what makes it worth taking on.

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