Jawbone Up Just Broke

I heard that Jawbone Up is a bit fragile even under their heavy stress tests. Now I can say, yes it’s true at least for me.

Only 4 months life. What happened to me was exactly same with this post.

Was going about my business this morning when all of a sudden (battery was not low) my band started vibrating and would not stop. Wouldn’t sync. Won’t charge. No status light. It’s now sitting on my desk and sometimes it has a random vibrating seizure and the only way it will stop is if I smack it.

Unfortunately I got the UP as a gift. So I couldn’t get their additional support to replace it. I had to gave up to use Up.
But I don’t blame them. They have a good customer support system, for most of users. Not only Jawbone, all wearable tech related startups are inventing new devices and making our new lifestyle. They all may face this kinds of issues but I believe they’ll fix it soon.
I’m still a big fan of Jawbone brand. (I’ve lost my Jawbone headset though. I’m waiting for a new one.)
Thanks Up. I can’t wait to wear something new.

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