How I Input/Output Content On The Web

Information Flow
I’d like to write down my information flow. The diagram above which I made at Cacoo says it all. But here are some additional explanation.


‘Web’ means information which I can get from the Internet. ‘Life’ means things I get through my daily life. Nothing special in this part.


Yahoo! Pipes is one of the most important tool. It’s the easies way to aggregate RSS feeds without wiring lines of code and ugly tricks.
My social content including Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Digg, Blog posts, etc are streamed into FriendFeed. And Yahoo! Pipes aggregates the FriendFeed content and stared articles on Instapaper. Then FeedBurner’s email subscription feature send the fetched content to my Evernote. Done.
As a feed reader, I’m using Google Reader and also using InstaReader to import my starred articles into Instapaper automatically. This combination helps me to read tons of articles. I just brown articles on Google Reader with keyboard shortcuts to find must read articles then I can read the articles on my iPad or iPhone with Instapaer app even if I’m offline.

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