What Should Poken Change For Japanese Market

Poken is not so pupuler here in Japan but we can buy it at some shops or tech events. I got it almost 1 yeaer ago but haven’t touched before I joined WordCamp Kyoto in Oct 2009. I love the concept of poken but it still not be success in Japan. OK, let me suggest some ideas to be success in Japan.

Suggestions for Poken

They should change some, for Japanese market.

1. Charactor design matters

Poken charactors are creepy. If they want to be success in Japan, need to learn a lot from Otaku people. You can find talented Otakus in Nico Video or anime/game communities.

2. Connect the online platform with Japanese SNS services more smoothly

Most of potential users are already there. Get involve them with mobile phone browser supportted version of the online platform.

3. Find good partners to sell the product

As soon as possible. It depends on their audience building strategy but find good partners to sell the product is really important for their business especially in Japan. Once the product will start to spread among yound people, no one can stop it. To make it happen, they need to find good partners carefully but quickly.
In addition, introduce Poken as a “eco friendly business card” can make impression for Japanese audience now. Anyway, I hope they can build their competitive advantages here in Japan.

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