BE CAREFUL When You Remove Tags On Evernote


I’m using Evernote as my notes backup system and I trusted Evernote too much. OK, what happened?
I accidentaly removed important snapshot notes on Evernote client like this:
1. Browsed on a ToDo notebook

2. Clicked a blog tag to remove

3. Hit the delete key twice (Assidentaly I did like this)
4. Notification message appears
5. OK I know you mean ‘Are you sure you want to remove the tag?’, sure!
6. The ToDo notebook gone
There is no way to restore it even on the web interface. Can’t believe that Evernote doesn’t support a history back feature like Dropbox does. No need to pay for Dropbox to use that useful feature but on the other hand, I’m a paid premium user of Evernote!
Yes that was my fault and the worst thing was I didn’t stock snapshots for backup and realized that I should not put important files only on Evernote.

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I wonder if the deleted notebook would be changed in the cloud immediately after deleting locally (before the next sync). Perhaps it is possible, after such a mistake, to unplug your internet connection, quit the application, and then delete all local Evernote data. When you start the application again, you would have to enter in your login credentials and wait for your data to download but I think that you would restore your Evernote state to what it was after the last sync.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your comment. Yes I should do like that but I tried to sync to download from the web… it was my fault. Local client overwrote files on the web and my files were gone 🙁

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