Switched to WordPress from MovableType

With Matt at WordPress Kansai

As promised with Matt, I did it finally and I’m testing with this post.

When I joined a WordCamp Kansai, I decided to switch but had to wait until this weekend to set up WordPress on my server.

WordCamp Kansai 2009 « messaliberty

Setting up WordPress itself was really easy and no boring steps. Cool. I’m blogging on WordPress here at messaliberty’s blog but installing and setting up process was very first expedience for me.

Switching was a bit hard. Had to fix some part of code, both of WordPress and MovableType. I wanna blog about how difficult to pull out all data from MovableType, though I’m tired now. Let me have a break.

Anyway, I need to say Thank You for Matt and all of WordPress community!

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