2008 4th week / 52 weeks

This is my own feedback. Jan 21st (Mon) to 27th (Sun).

Actual worked hours

Date Hours
21 Mon 11.5
22 Tue 11.5
23 Wed 20
24 Thu 14.5
25 Fri 12
26 Sat 8
27 Sun 8


1. Less actual working time at week days – Seems it was good result, but there’re 4 days less than 12hours.

2. Lack awareness of priorities – Couldn’t write some code enought. Had to research new technology these days.


1. Reduce moving time to 80% – iPod + Podcast and W-zero3[es] + Fastladder can meke it 0%. Keep it and do it more.

2. Write some code first – Rush tasks made me apart from writing some code. Re build my working flow to write some code first.

Good points

1. Meaningful chatting – We chatted about the history of the world and politics each other with my friend in India working as an engineer, was great time for both of us. And had a delightful chat with my frined in Rome.

2. Got some new ideas – Can’t write down here but yes I got it when I had a meeting with my old friend who is one of the great programmer I ever known. His project seems great and worth to do it. I don’t know what can I do for it but I’ll try to stand by him as a marketing guy. Hope we can do something in the end of February.


Shut the fuck up and write some code. – That’s all for me 😛

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