Get back last session of Firefox

Firefox is going to down sometime when I open lot’s of tabs. And then I lose the session because too much tabs is the reason why Firefox can’t be stable.
But yes I don’t have to give up to get back last session. There is some file with a list of URLs.
I always salvage URLs by some short scripts, but it happens many times. So, I released a tiny web application to get it back.
How to use is really easy.

  1. Find your session.rdf
  2. Send it from the form

That’s it. Your session.rdf will send to a server once, but it’ll removed after get URLs.
Only date and amount of URLs are kept in the server.

Why I do like that? Because I wanna research how many tabs make your Firefox unstable. In my last case, 211 tabs.

Please take full responsibility for your actions when you use this. I hope you like it.
Get Back Session
Location of the session.rdf is here.
Firefox Help: How To Manage Profiles
I didn’t research well, but you can use this if you use “Tab Mix Plus” to manage session. Perhaps you can use, if there is “session.rdf” in your nice machine.

Yes I goofed off, sorry 😛

This one is almost only for myself. If you find something wrong about this, please notice me.

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