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Bitcoin Otaku.

After encountering my first Macintosh computer at home when I was a kid, I learned the joy of creating through a computer. Right after that, I was strongly influenced by a tv program on Marc Andreessen’s Netscape-driven internet revolution.

As a middle-schooler, I visited the US for the first time and encountered the phenomenon that would later be termed the dot-com bubble. This was when I decided to pursue a career in the tech industry.

Back in Japan, I devoted myself to software development. After tasting initial success by creating a mobile website, I founded my first startup at the age of nineteen. Since then, I have been involved in numerous internet-based startups in fields including mobile applications, cloud hosting, IoT semiconductors, and have founded companies in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US.

I was inspired by the emergence of Bitcoin and its aim to create a decentralized society, and since then, I have chosen to focus my work on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In 2013, I founded the website BitBiteCoin.com to provide news about Bitcoin. In 2015, I co-founded a company called SIVIRA to research and develop Blockchain in order to establish a new economic model for the next generation. Furthermore, since 2017, I’m running a bunch of startups under a decentralized organization Hulor/Harmony to make a sustainable society with emerging disruptive technologies like Blockchain.

On a different note, I am also the author of popular blog articles about the Evangelion series.

I’m a GOX survivor. Follow me on Twitter here, Mastodon here, and Nostr pub key is npub180gu7x3tjd2nce8f8tjmgndvsqp0q0k98z7y7s5uxpkx2t2dt8eqpmhu97 this.

Current Projects

Sivira Inc.
Hulor Inc.
Future Technology Lab Inc.
Bitcoin Lounge
Nanome Inc.

Past Projects

Genesis Mining

Joined as a representative in Japan to help the world’s largest cloud mining company. Genesis Mining provides the easiest way to own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Advisor, GMO Internet Inc.

Helped to kickoff crypto-related businesses as GMO, one of the most largest Japanese Internet companies.

Co-Founder, Hotaru Inc. – Merged into Hulor Inc.

Crypto based social impact investment startup known as Hotaru has now become​ Hulor.

Bitcoin School

Online Bitcoin community to learn Bitcoin and Blockchain for technology geeks, traders, and investors.

“What is Bitcoin” in Japanese

Author of one of the top-ranked articles on Google with the word “Bitcoin” in Japanese. It is now under bitFlyer.


All about Bitcoin dairy YouTube show, and a Bitcoin news website since 2013.

messa TV

A technology podcast show was featuring Japanese startups and the latest tech news.


My blog posts

Articles about me


Asian Development Bank

  • Consultation Workshop on Digital Technologies for Advancing Food Security, Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability
    • 14 March 2019, How Blockchain-enabled food traceability is changing the agricultural supply chain in Japan

Asia Blockchain Summit



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