Blockchain Oriented Business Management

I receive many requests from companies who seek advice on how to use the Blockchain, but I believe there is something that must be done even before using the Blockchain technology.
That is to manage their business like the Blockchain.

In order to correspond to the values of a decentralized society, the need for decentralized companies will increase. I believe in the future, decisions should not be made exclusively by one person, but rather by a small number of communities with diverse values. I see this as the form of a strong organization.
To make this happen, it is necessary to form the Blockchain among the core members of the organization. Facts, experience, and knowledge should be shared quickly and kept distributed. Just like the Blockchain, creating an environment where you receive the same answer no matter who you ask is vital. By doing so, the entire organization will become stronger and more diverse values will be accepted. In other words, creating an organization that incorporates a Blockchain approach is becoming more critical in the coming era.
In the case of Bitcoin, for example, information is shared between the nodes of the Blockchain once every ten minutes. It is important for a company to make decisions more frequently like Blockchain, rather than deciding on company policy once a month at the company’s general meeting.
It is not necessary for all members of a company to become a node of the Blockchain.
Just like the scaling problems with the Blockchain, I think there is no point in having all employees of a 50-person company to suddenly become nodes of the Blockchain. There is the method of sharing information reliably among a small number of nodes, then gradually expanding. Another way is similar to the general Blockchain scaling approach, which is dividing into multiple hierarchies and deciding on policies within each hierarchy, then propagating them to outside hierarchies. In the future, I believe this approach that is being used in the development of scaling Blockchain can be utilized to build organizations.
By “Blockchaining” a company, I believe we can create organizations that contain diverse, decentralized values. These are the companies which will lead future societies.
I know this is a super tricky concept to implement but, I need to adopt it somehow even I struggle with it.

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