What's in my bag

How I live in the decentralized world

As a permanent Airbnb resident or as a lifetime traveler, I need to carry much stuff while I’m not at my office in Tokyo. However, I don’t want to work with ordinary tools. The best tools which blown my mind away are the only things I need.

What’s in my bag

Here is the list of items.

  1. Money clip
  2. Nail clipper
  3. Pen: LAMY
  4. Pen: Pilot Dr.Grip
  5. Kindle Voyage
  6. USB cables
  7. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  8. Noise canceling headphone: Bose QuietComfort 30
  9. MacBook
  10. Manfrotto smartphone adaptor
  11. Connectors
  12. iPhone 7 Plus (and iPhone X)
  13. Apple Watch 3
  14. Business cards
  15. Mobile battery
  16. Nintendo Switch
  17. USB charger: Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C Power Delivery
  18. Speaker: Bose SoundLink Mini II
  19. Keyboard
  20. Trackpad
  21. Manfrotto tripod
  22. Roost Stand
  23. Converters
  24. Audio recorder: Zoom H5
  25. HDMI cable
  26. Tool: Victorinox Cybertool

Money clip

I hate cash, the paper one. Less cash with minimum cards.

iPad Pro

After the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil, my work style has totally changed. It changed how I meet people, how I output my thoughts, how I organize information.

Noise canceling headphone: Bose QuietComfort 30

To shut down noise around me, this is the must item. Without this, I can’t go outside. Reduce noise to put my brain in a less stressful environment.

Business cards

Which color do you prefer? Cos we’re living in the decentralized world which is not organized by a single rule. It’s up to you.
Anyway, my favorite business card case is this.

USB charger: Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C Power Delivery

As a heavy gadget geek, a charger is the most important factor. This multiport charger can maximize my productivity.

Speaker: Bose SoundLink Mini II

Not only for music, this can help me to dive into conference calls with high-quality sounds.

Roost Stand

Lift it up to keep my head up.

Audio recorder: Zoom H5

For my meetings and my podcasts, this can record my conversations with remarkable audio quality.

SONY Alpha 5100

The camera took these photos is this.

See you somewhere in the world

That’s it. Can’t wait to visit your place 😉

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