Crowdfunding for education

I’m supporting this Kickstarter project.

It’s a set of playing cards. Kids can learn history and evolution of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. They’re trying to make an English version of the game.
Once if you get the cards, you can recognize Japan quality inside the package because PALEON is a crazy product.

3D CD by a professional designer
The first reason is that the illustration for each card was drawn using full 3D CG, by a former illustrator for NEWTON, Japan’s #1 scientific magazine. He made a 3D model for each illustration, even though the finished product would be a small, two-dimensional card. Talk about detail.

I need to say, this is not a video game.
Accurate information
The second reason is that the information on each card is fully researched and accurate. If this was just a game, it would probably sell better if they wrote amusing content like Pokemon or something. But they decided to make it as accurate as possible. Attention to detail and craft is a huge part of true Japanese culture, isn’t it?
If you’re interested in such a kickstarter project for kids, please take a look.

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