New year's resolutions

A happy new year, folks. Let me post my own new year’s resolutions of 2008.

New year’s resolutions

1. Post 1 entry per week – Too modestly? Hope I’ll blog every day.
Last year, I wrote down tons of drafts. Yes it was just drafts. Speed matters more than quality. Just do it like twitter posts.
And keep blogging in both English and Japanese at a time like Danny Choo san.

2. Release our services each 3 months – Researching about some technologies and managing business tasks were the most part of our work last year. In 2008, we’ll be more offensive.
Not only that, I’ll open anything I can do to get feedbacks and learn from outside.

3. Update twice a week – Wanna pick up hottest topics.

4. Coding 6 hours every day – Fist of all, I have to write code much time.
In 2007, I had set 12 hours as actual worked hours, and almost done. Next step for me is to manage what I do while 12 hours.
It’s too easy to coding 6 hours. However I want, I can’t write code all the time. Get things done to write more code.

5. 5min review per task – I’m tracking by 15minutes, what I did and how long I spent time to do it. So I can check my power balance anytime. In addition, do more powerful 5min review in 2008.

Time tracking sheet.

6. 30min focusing time every morning – Very important time. Do it more. On my desktop, some of stickers trying to remind me what I need to keep in my mind.

My desktop stickers.

7. Chatting online once a week – Chatting with someone I’ve never known is an exciting experience for me.
Yes I’m already doing it, but I wanna do it more as a habit. Plus, wanna voice chatting more, and teach Japanese to someone who are interested in Japan.

8. Get to know 1 person every month – Online or offline, I’m looking forward to see someone who lives in another couontry, can communicate each other in English, working as an engineer.
Though I’ll get out here to see much more people.

9. Join some events each 3 months – Where engineers are. Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco.

10. 7:3 = English:Japanese – Figures mean percentage of my language environment. To see, hear, use English more.

11. Read 2 books per week – Now I’m little bit addicted to using a library. Visit more to learn from paper media.

12. Feed reading less than 90min – As I’m writing this, there’re 310 feeds I’m reading. Not too much I think but I had read it too carefully. Some time it takes 8 hours more. Time is money. Read it faster.
Now, I successfully switched Bloglines to Fastladder (Livedoor Reader). Fastladder’s fastest UI works well for me. Increase feeds to 1000 and keep 90min rule.

13. Public reivew on my Blog monthly – This is not a goal, just a start. Feedback is always important. I’ll post an entry about my process to the goals every month.
I don’t forget and don’t afraid to re-build my resolutions.

14. Appear on Diggnation more than 2sec – Seemed 14 is better than 13. 😛

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